Benefits of Sidewalk Signs

24th May 2021

As most of the country begins to reopen, it is important to think of ways to make your organization visible to all who pass by. Sidewalk signs are a simple yet effective way to make sure your organization is seen. With the right messaging, signage grabs the attention of those who pass by and gets them through your front door. Besides boosting foot traffic, additional benefits of sidewalk signs include:


Sidewalk and roadside signs are not only a practical display tool but also an affordable investment for any organization. Compared to many other marketing tools, they are an inexpensive and have a high ROI. The cost is minimal in comparison to the amount of traffic it will draw to your organization.

Style Variations

Outdoor Signs America offers a variety of options for sidewalk signs. Whether you are looking for an a-frame sandwich board sign or non-a-frame sidewalk sign, have what you need! Our styles are made to attract attention from every angle. Choose from a variety of changeable letter sign options that can be used for years to come.


Another great benefit to sidewalks signs is their portability. Model varieties come with handles and/or wheels to help with ease of mobility. Depending on the size sign you purchase, when fully assembled they only weigh between 20-50lbs. The best part? When you are ready to bring your sign in for the night, just lean it back to wheel it inside for safe keeping.

Durability and Stability

Sandwich and sidewalk signs are not only attractive, but durable as well. Constructed from rust-proof technopolymers and heavy-duty galvanized steel, our outdoor sandwich board signs can withstand rain and wind. Our sidewalk signs have a compact, low profile technopolymer base with an easy-fill, easy-empty ballast port that can be filled with water or sand for extra stability. These signs will help your messages stand out for years to come!

Cost-Effective Advertising

Sidewalk signs are not only a great way for your organization to bring in extra business, but it will also save you money on your advertising expenses. Advertise your daily specials, meetings, events, and more on your sidewalk sign. Since they can easily be updated, there is no limit to what you can advertise and how often you change your messages. Just be sure you are using proper sized letters for readability!

An outdoor sign is one of the most effective ways to boost your bottom line. In comparison to other marketing tools, sidewalk signs are inexpensive and can save you advertising dollars. This allows you to put that extra money back in to your organization! Contact us today to get started on your outdoor sign project.