If you will be providing a logo or other custom artwork for your Outdoor Signs America product, please read the following requirements concerning file types, sizes and colors.

To accurately reproduce graphics, the customer must provide the original vector source file used to create the graphic. A source file is created using a graphics software program such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or CorelDraw. Macintosh-specific source files are not supported by Outdoor Signs America.

Each program generates a file with a specific extension:

Program File Extension Sample File Name

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop






.eps and .pdf can also contain vector information. Please provide these files if they are available.

Source File Requirements

Minimum Resolution Life Size Color Mode Fonts

150 dpi

Graphic size is required to equal the final print size.

If the graphic needs to fill a 3' x 8' area, then the source file needs to be 3' x 8.

RGB mode is required to accurately reproduce original colors.

Close representations can be accomplished with Pantone colors.

Although we have thousands of fonts, not every font is available.

When a font is unavailable, the customer must provide it.

Font files are located in the Control Panel and have the file extension .ttf.

A similar font is substituted when the original font is unavailable.

  • Graphics are often copied from the Internet. They typically end in the file extension .jpg or .gif.
    These are not source files and do not meet the above specifications.
  • Enlarging a 2" x 3" .jpg or other file type to life size does not render the file a source file.
  • Changing the graphics file extension does not result in a source file. The graphic will retain its poor quality and the file may become corrupt.


Original File Name Renamed file Extension



To produce your graphics at the highest quality, you will need to provide us with ready-for-print, high-resolution artwork which has been created at your particular sign’s print size. Simply enlarging artwork to a sign’s print size is not acceptable as this this results in a loss of image resolution and therefore a significant reduction of your sign’s graphics quality as well.

Following are the sizes that you will need to create your sign’s artwork. Choose the size that fits the sign which you have ordered.

  • Custom Full Face Sign: 14250 pixels x 5916 pixels at 150 PPI
  • Custom Header Sign with Changeable Letters: 14250 pixels x 2344 pixels at 150 PPI
  • Portable LED Sign: 10613 pixels x 3797 pixels at 150 PPI

Send us your finished artwork in either PSD (single layer), EPS, TIFF or PDF. The RGB color mode is required to enable us to accurately produce your original colors. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility prior to submitting your artwork to ensure that duplication of your image or any part of your image is not a violation of any copyright.

Source File Requirements

We will inform you if your submitted artwork does not meet our size and/or resolution specifications so you can resolve these issues and allow your project to continue. However, if you would rather our team of graphic artists create artwork for you, we will gladly provide you with an artwork service quote. Your service quote will be based on considerations such as anticipated labor time, level of complexity and total number of images requested. Hand-drawn images, photographs, digital scans, low resolution graphics, etc. require significantly more time to process than flat art (such as a high-resolution logo) and will incur the highest service charges.

Our Art Department is skilled in creating computer generated art and is committed to providing the best possible graphics for your new sign. If the original source file is unavailable please send us every version of the file you have. The Art Department will render the graphics as close to what you have provided as possible with images from our directory.