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Gemini Sign Letters - Modern Font Punctuation Set

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$85.00 - $215.00


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All sales for Gemini sign letters or accessories are final, and product returns are not accepted.

  • A Gemini sign letter Punctuation set of icons, symbols in Modern font on clear acrylic
  • A more angular sign letter shape provides a more modern appearance
  • Non-flexible changeable sign letters made from 0.08 thick injection molded high-impact acrylic
  • Heavy-duty construction prevents warping and keeps letters in place under most wind conditions
  • Gemini sign letter punctuation sets available in black or red


Image may not reflect actual product. Please refer to the font, size, color and letter quantity information.

A Gemini sign letter punctuation set of icons and symmbols in Modern font on clear acrylic. A more angular letter shape provides a more modern appearance. Sets available with black or red letters. Gemini Pronto™ letters are injection molded with 0.08" thick high-impact acrylic. This heavy-duty construction prevents warping and keeps the changeable sign letter in place under most wind conditions. Each sign letter is molded with a small raised edge that prevents the screen-printed ink from being scratched. The molded-in feet keep debris and ice from interfering with letter placement.


Letter Font: Modern
Letter Size: 3" to 8"
Letter Thickness: 0.08 Inch, Non-flexible


If you are attempting to match new letters with existing letters, please see our font comparison.

Due to their thickness, Gemini letters do not work with economy or sidewalk signs.

Please ensure that you select the correct style of letter for your sign.