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3 Tips on How to Effectively Use Your Sign

6th Dec 2020

Signs are one of the most effective ways to reach out to your local community. Whether you are a church hoping to reach out to new potential members, a school trying to communicate with parents, or a business trying to bring in new customers, these tips to using your outdoor signage will help you accomplish this quickly and easily.

Keep Messages Short and Sweet

Think about the speed of traffic passing by your sign. How long will the average driver have to look at your sign? Typically, a person passing your sign will only see one portion of your message – so make the entire message count! Remember to use letters that are proportionate to the size of your sign and speed of passing traffic so that the message is easy to read.

Speak to Your Audience

Think about the types of people that will see your message. For instance, the audience driving by a school is a typically parent dropping a student off, so communicate messages about reports cards going home, parent meetings or an open house. The audience passing a business is a potential consumer of your products or services, so display messages advertising sales or events. Create messages with your audience in mind and those reading your sign will feel more connected since the message is pertaining to them and no one else.

Change It Up Regularly

Change your message as often as possible. People driving by your sign look forward to seeing a new message and the less you change it, the less they will pay attention to what your organization has to offer. Also, make sure to keep your changeable letters updated and new. Your sign and its message are a reflection of the type of organization you have and what is happening inside. Keep your sign and letters clean and you are sure to attract more attention from those passing by.

Signs are great communication tools for any type of organization. They are the most cost-effective way to advertise to those driving by, especially when messages are simple, clear and concise. Contact Outdoor Signs America today to learn more on how to effectively use your sign.