A-plus® Deluxe Easy Roll Sidewalk Sign

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48.00 LBS


A-plus® Signs, Our next Generation Folding, Rolling, Quick Loading, A-frame Sandwich Board Style Sidewalk Sign with changeable message boards. featuring unmatched user friendliness, portability, and affordability. Displays curved sign panels for maximum visibility and includes Side Support Arms to keep your A-plus® Sign from spreading open or closing in high winds. Water filled for stability; can withstand freezing temperatures. Just Grip-Tip-Roll to move in or out without lifting/carrying to keep you clean and dry while transporting; can be moved folded or open.

Our A-plus® Sign Includes 2/24"x36"x4mm white sign panels with tracks on one side of each board, 314-4" letters, numbers, and symbols plus 22 8"numbers and 2-9" SALE/Special headers(Black letters and Red Numbers on white background) displays up to 7 lines of copy on each side.

Includes the following:

  • 2/24"x36"x4mm white sign panels with tracks
  • Two hindged support bars (one on each side)
  • Tilt activated wheels
  • 314 4-inch letters, numbers and symbols
  • 22 8"numbers and 2-9" SALE/Special headers
  • Assembly hardware set and instructions
  • Ships in one carton
  • Assembled weight is approximately 20lbs


Frame Style: A-plus®
Frame Size: Regular
Face Style: Standard Message Board
Face Color: White
Portability: Rolling Sign
Letter Color: Black/White Letters and Red Numbers/Symbols on White/Black Panels



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