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5 Reasons Why Outdoor Signs Are the Best Way to Advertise Your Business

3rd Jan 2021

The success of your business depends on advertising. Whether you own a well-established local company or just opened your first location, you need customers to know about your business and visit your store. For most small businesses, traditional forms of advertising are too expensive, time intensive, and hard to manage. But marketing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover why outdoor signs are the easiest and most inexpensive advertising method your company can deploy.

1. The Most Cost-Effective Form of Advertising

In comparison to television, magazine, radio, and billboard ads, your business gains the same amount of exposure for far less with outdoor signage. Recent changes in consumer behavior (e.g., broadcast television to Netflix; decline in print readership) have led to a decline in exposure to traditional media, but outdoor business signs continue to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. With print and digital advertising, refreshing your marketing message is a repeated expense that’s often costly. But for a one-time only cost, outdoor signs offer limitless possibilities for quick and easy message changes.

2. Shown to Increase Profitability

According to a study by the University of San Diego, “the addition of even one on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales of 4.75%. [For example,] if a business had been grossing $500,000 annually in sales, the addition of just one on-premise sign resulted in a $23,750 increase.” One reason for this is an increase in unplanned impulse stops. The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) estimates that these stops account for 20% to 45% of traffic for many businesses. With outdoor signage it’s easy to encourage drivers to stop by your business, whether they planned to or not. Display enticing sales and limited-time offers on your LED or changeable letter signs, and change messages out often to give consumers new incentive to enter your doors.

3. Fast Update of Marketing Messages

Need to create awareness about your newest product or an upcoming sale? With other traditional forms of advertising it will take weeks—even months—before your business can spread the message. Changeable letter signs and outdoor LED Signs offer you the ability to make quick, on-demand changes, so you can reach your audience the moment you’re ready and for no extra cost. Our flexible, non-flexible, and sidewalk sign letters are durable, yet simple to switch out, taking only minutes to replace. And with sidewalk signs, you can easily substitute wording with graphics, or create your own lettering with write-on/wash-off chalkboard and wet-erase outdoor signs.

4. Quickly Builds Brand Awareness

Thousands of motorists probably pass your business every few months, it’s likely that number is even higher. Are they familiar with your company? Do they know about your products or services? Brand an outdoor identification sign with your logo and name, and consumers will quickly notice and remember your business. The more exposure your brand has, the better customers will be able to recall your unique offerings. And they’ll know exactly where to go when the need for your products or services arise.

5. A Versatile, Easy-to-Transport Signage Solution

Setting up a booth at a local festival or fair? Easily transport sidewalk signs to any indoor or outdoor event, and draw more prospects to your exhibit. Want to test the impact of your sign’s location? Position your signage in a way that takes full advantage of your sign’s double-faced design, in a location free from obstruction and clearly visible to drivers. Tailoring outdoor signs to meet your business’ needs is easy with Outdoor Signs of America.